Working together
to achieve success.


We are an independent member firm of Kreston Global, dedicated to the practice of public accounting, auditing and other related services. Registered with the Consejo de Vigilancia de la Profesión de Contaduría Pública y Auditoría with No. 2402; and in the registry of private audit firms of the Corte de Cuentas de la República with No. 01/2000.

Our proven history of success and ongoing commitment to professional growth enable us to deliver the optimal level of support for your enterprise.

Our goal is to offer our clients top-quality services. While technical excellence is our core philosophy, we extend beyond the purely technical realm to serve as business advisors, providing pragmatic solutions to enhance your organizational control framework.

We are part of a global network

Our extensive network includes over 160 member firms spanning across 115 countries worldwide, working in perpetual collaboration to identify the optimal solutions for our clients, regardless of their unique needs or challenges.






Member firms

Kreston Global is an international advisory and accounting network, deeply committed to empowering our clients to thrive in any country or market they decide to engage. Whether you are in one country looking to expand abroad, a multinational looking for an alternative service provider, across multiple territories, or an individual with investments and assets needing tax management, relocation or portfolio support, our Kreston Global collaboration network is here for you.